Behind the Shop

Postcards on display in a local shop… they’re seeped with nostalgia, and receiving one in the mail is magical. Its worn edges provide proof of its journey from near or far. The photograph gives a glimpse of its starting point; the handwritten words tell a tale, send love, say hello.

I grew up on the East Coast in a small town in Connecticut, and focus much of my photography on scenes of charming New England. I have transformed a selection of photographs into seasonally-focused, high-end art postcards strong enough to withstand a journey, yet simply beautiful like the memories of our adventures. 

Whether you choose to mail a postcard or display it as a little piece of art, I hope that in my photos you feel a sense of home and history, a long-lost tale, unassuming adventure, and rejuvenating peace.

Pineapple Postcards is a curated and customizable collection of mailable art, inspired by a desire to share my home with you.


Custom Work

In Print

Locally relevant and seasonally-focused photography offered in a high-end collectable format which celebrates your business — and your customer’s experience.

Pineapple Postcards is proud to offer customized postcards and notecards that best suit your needs and provide a truly unique client-specific feel. Whether you’re a hotel and you’d like to place stationery or postcards in guest rooms, or a shop looking for local flavor, I can provide images and products that are completely customized to the aesthetic and seasonal needs of your business.

Please contact me to learn how I can create and provide imagery relevant to your business and local area.