Epicurious Tales of a Celiac

I've always been a bit of a carb hound, especially when it comes to some of my favorite gluten-filled goodies like breads, cookies, and cakes. However, just because I can't eat gluten any longer doesn't mean I have to give up some of life's most delicious offerings!

A newly gluten-free gal, this page is a little bit about going {GF}, and primarily dedicated to discovering the safe versions of my favorite gluten-filled foods. Mostly basic and simple, and at times a little more elaborate, I'll be compiling fresh, healthful, yummy, and decadent recipes that keep my tastebuds happy and my belly full. And when I stumble upon an eatery that works for me, I'll be sure to share. 

I hope it is an inspiration to and guide for others who share my plight.