Roses Are Red Velvet

By the Way Bakery, a completely gluten- and dairy-free bakery recently opened its doors in Greenwich. (It turns out they already had three locations in New York, but I'm absolutely thrilled they ventured out to the 'burbs of Connecticut and opened up a local shop.) Though my diet is not dairy-free, the artisans here have definitely broadened their potential customer base as it's a common issue, especially among those who can't tolerate gluten. More importantly, I couldn't taste the difference...

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Prime Time

There is no shortage of great food purveyors around me as Fairfield County, Connecticut is endowed with access to the freshest ingredients, top-notch chefs, and knowledgeable and well-trained staff (a key component to the vulnerable food-intolerant guest). 

Washington Prime in South Norwalk (SoNo as it's fondly called) is one such gem. A new-American venue taking pride in steak, so there are consequently GF options available (at least if you're a beef-lover like me). They have a pretty substantial selection of gluten-free items, all clearly indicated by a nice red "GF" next to each, from apps to sides to main courses and desserts. This past weekend I was treated to a few of their tastiest GF offerings, and there was not one I wouldn't recommend.

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Prepping the Gluten-Free Pantry

I've already mentioned (maybe more than once...) that I'm quite unwilling to just give up every gluten-filled thing I previously ate simply because I'm now a gluten-free gal. Nor will I accept the notion that I must be relegated to whatever options are on the grocery store shelves. There are a ton of great options out there, but there is also a ton of room for improvement, and not as many reliable guides to steer you in the right direction (in particular, I've enjoyed America's Test Kitchen: How It Can Be Gluten Free). I still love baking (and actually being able to eat what I make), so the most surefire way to ingest those little goodies safely is by crafting them myself. Queue the necessity for a pantry full of staples I once wouldn't have given a second glance.

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