Prime Time

There is no shortage of great food purveyors around me as Fairfield County, Connecticut is endowed with access to the freshest ingredients, top-notch chefs, and knowledgeable and well-trained staff (a key component to the vulnerable food-intolerant guest). 

Washington Prime in South Norwalk (SoNo as it's fondly called) is one such gem. A new-American venue taking pride in steak, so there are consequently GF options available (at least if you're a beef-lover like me). They have a pretty substantial selection of gluten-free items, all clearly indicated by a nice red "GF" next to each, from apps to sides to main courses and desserts. This past weekend I was treated to a few of their tastiest GF offerings, and there was not one I wouldn't recommend.

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All Hallow's Eve

October graced us with both warm and crisp autumn days, brightly colored leaves, deep blue skies brought to us by dry air, and pumpkins dotting porches - all some of my favorite things about Autumn. And as Halloween draws near, I always love to see the houses in town decked out in seasonal and spooky decor, laying in wait for the annual onslaught of giggling kids in costumes stuffing bags with what is only the start of the seasonal sugar ration. Yesterday I took a stroll with Hunter down South Avenue, the main trick-or-treating drag of New Canaan, to see what folks were dressing their houses in this year...

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