Eucalyptus & Holly Christmas Centerpiece

The catch-22 of creativity is that ideas usually don’t come to fruition the way you expect them to. It is the single most frustrating and simultaneously wonderful part of creating things, and though I’m not sure which camp I find myself in more often, I was gladly in the latter in this case.

I bought a small bunch of fresh eucalyptus stems from the nursery with the intention to effortlessly lay them with sweeping grace across the top of each of the antique oars we have on the wall, adding a holly sprig here and there for an added touch of festivity.

Only one lightbulb, one picture frame, and one ornament were broken before I concluded it wasn’t happening.

(Does a now lopsided but still functioning lamp count as unbroken? Also, tips on properly hanging oars so they are firmly affixed to the wall are very welcome.)

The eucalyptus was definitely not going to waste and as I rummaged through a cabinet looking for a suitable vase for an arrangement, all I could find was an old silver container once part of an amaryllis bulb kit, rocks and all. Alas, my super simple (and quick!) Christmas eucalyptus arrangement was born. If I learned anything besides the fact that I’m convinced greenery is easier to arrange than flowers, it’s that simple is usually best and that it’s hard to go wrong with greens. (And if I weren’t so afraid of destroying what I mistakenly created in the first place, I’d have arranged and shot multiple versions using the same greens…..your turn!)

Below are the rough steps I took to create my Christmas centerpiece (and by centerpiece I mean the arrangement going on our bar).


Place floral rocks in the container, filling it about halfway. Arrange the tall eucalyptus stems in the rocks as you’d like. Tip: loosely surround the stems with floral wire near or below the top of the container (to keep it hidden) and wind where the ends meet. Loosen or tighten as needed. This will help prevent the tall and outer stems from being drawn away from center. You can rearrange them within the wire, too.

Follow suit with holly and pine around the perimeter of the container. I arranged mine so that the eucalyptus fanned outward from center and was more or less surrounded by holly, and interspersed with pine.

Go wild. See how you can use those leftover sprigs and remember that layers are your BFF. Happy arranging!