Late Fall in Ridgefield, Connecticut


We’re still new in town, and though we love Vermont, being away on the weekends has its downside: we’re not home exploring. We love checking out cozy taverns and restaurants, and going on country drives. We’ll head over to North & South Salem this afternoon for a drive through horse country and a bite. We haven’t tried and can’t decide on: One Twenty One, The Horse & Hound Inn, and Hayfield’s Market. Suggestions welcome! Where are you exploring this weekend?



One of our favorite things to do, especially in the crisp fall months is to take a hike in the woods or stroll through town. Even though the leaves have basically dropped, there’s something just as beautiful about the bright sunshine casting the bare branches’ shadows on the trails. (It’s warmer, too!) And jumping ahead to gratitude (see below): we already know that even moderate physical activity and spending a little time outside are especially good for a positive mindset!

Our favorite places to get outside in the Ridgefield area are: Seth Low Pierrepont State Park, Bennett’s Pond State Park, and the trails at Onatru Farm Park. Of course, a stroll down Main Street is always in order. Beautiful old homes, adorable shops, and friendly faces are only part of what make this little town so great.


be grateful
It’s the season of gratitude and I’ve been reading a ton of great stuff — all linked below!)

  • Day Designer hosts a great November Gratitude Challenge with free printable — you’d be surprised how a little extra thought and one extra step can really make a big impact. I use their daily planner (linked here*) and I love looking back on all the things I’ve written down for my daily gratitude. Big or small, it’s all part of what makes life so sweet. Join their Challenge here. It’s not too late!

    For a little bit more of a scientific look into the benefits of gratitude on health and happiness, check out this article and prepare to rework the way you approach your day-to-day.

  • Fellow Connecticut blogger and CT Blogger Collective founder Nonee Cunningham of Nonee’s World takes a dive into how gratitude is a major part of self-care. I couldn’t agree more. She understands the importance (and challenge!) of being kind to ourselves, and the role this plays in our overall well-being. She’s real — and a real sweetie to boot.

  • CT Blogger Babes are kicking you know what this fall as Megan Wooding reworks common mantras to shift our mindset, empowering us to be appreciative. She presents a genius twist that makes you think “Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?” and her blog post is one of my favorite pieces on the subject to date! You can read it here.

  • Finally, and this is a somewhat less conventional approach to learning about gratitude, but I must share one of my favorite small-business owners and (more importantly) inspiring people: Stacy of grace + hudson who quit her career as a lawyer to pursue a happier life making feminine and dainty jewelry. But g+h and Stacy are so much more than that. Follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration, and of course pretty jewelry! She’s positive, inspiring, empowering, supportive, and sweet. Even if you’re not in the jewelry market, she peppers her account with inspiration that makes you think (and smile) and life lessons and guidance that aren’t in-your-face. I promise you’ll love her message.


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