Mid-November Weekend Escape

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Hygge. Pronounced “hoo-guh”, and my latest obsession.

Have you read The Little Book of Hygge* by Meik Wiking? Sharing all the “Danish Secrets to Happy Living.” It’s a dynamite little book and it’s time I begin tweaking out our home to create the ultimate winter-ready dwelling. And with the first snowfall under our belt the week before the holidays begin, I can think of no better weekend to start bringing Scandinavian happiness into our home.

What I call a mini coffee table book, this little gem is jam-packed with tips for crafting a happy life the Danish way, with a special emphasis on creating a cozy atmosphere full of my all-time favorite: peace.

What I never realized is just how much I naturally incorporate hygge into my everyday life, and you probably do, too. If candles, tea, jam, chocolate, warm socks and cozy sweaters (and even sweatpants!) are your thing, you’ve got a knack for coziness as the secret to happiness. Add photography to the list and you just might be Danish. (Not really. But it wouldn’t hurt to do some investigation…)

This little book brings warmth to my soul — and my house — so I hope if you haven’t at least thumbed through it, you will. Since Amazon Prime copies take two days to arrive, and the library’s copy might be checked out, I’m sharing a couple of may favorite articles below for a little more of a sneak peek.

from Country Living
What Is Hygge? Everything You Need To Know About The Danish Lifestyle Trend

and from The New Yorker
The Year of Hygge, the Danish Obsession with Getting Cozy

A cozy day is a happy day so I’m breaking out the candles, taking my tea with jam on toast, and wrapping myself in a [Scottish] blanket while I read by the fire.

Stay tuned for a winter home post featuring all the ways I’m using — and creating — hygge in my day-to-day.


send love

We’re finally wrapping up thank-you notes this weekend. (I know, I know… but as they say, better late than never!) They were designed and printed by watercolorist Michelle Mospens of Mospens Studio (my post on the invitation suite she designed is linked here) and I can’t wait to use these little notes as fuel in my fire.

Handwritten notes have always had a special place in my heart. Not just those we have to write, but those we choose to. If you haven’t already seen The Shop, I’ve begun designing postcards and stationery (coming soon!) that I hope will inspire more impromptu writing, signing and sealing in 2019. Though you may think postcards are self-explanatory, high-end and vintage-style mailable art is my schtick, and I’m putting a special little twist on my designs for notecards that I can’t wait to share.


mellow out

The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, NY has amazing acts, from primo Grateful Dead covers to jazz and more. This week one of my old faves and mellow mood go-to’s (no pun intended), Slightly Stoopid, is performing. It seems I’ll be heading back to my Florida days for just one night… 


retreat. relax.

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