June 22, 2018


head for the hills

Another weekend jaunt to Vermont is on the agenda and I literally can't wait to hop in the passenger seat. It'll be a quick one, unfortunately, as we have an early Sunday departure planned but we'll still squeeze in oodles of fun and plenty of mountain-air peace.  The Manchester area has so much to offer and we're hoping to do a couple things out of our routine. (We go so often it can be a bit hard to break the cycle of doing the things we always love to do!)



Bar 802. 802 being the area code in Vermont, and therefore one of the country's best. Bar being a super chill but fun spot for an easy bite and a cold brew — or in my case, a gluten free cider. Reminiscent of a vintage cabin with warm wood throughout and a tin ceiling, my favorite thing about this spot is the cozy seating area in the front adorned with an American flag crafted from beer bottle tops. (If you're ever there in the winter, send a non-skier pal in to stake claim until you join them après!) 



Stratton Mountain Music is one of our favorite escapes with weekly outdoor concerts happening all summer long. They have an entire summer concert series held under a massive tent at the base of the mountain and they always have great artists performing. (And they're usually super inexpensive too, which makes popping in even briefly worthwhile!) This weekend is the Wanderlust Festival, and though we'll skipping out on yoga and hiking, we're totally in it for the music with The Wanderlust House Band led by Eric Krasno taking the stage.



Golf has quickly become one of my favorite ways to commit to being outside and undistracted for extended periods of time. No time for anything but playing the game and enjoying tons of gorgeous scenery. The birds chirp. The breeze blows. The phone stays tucked away. Bliss!

Fair warning: "Golf is an easy game, it's just hard to play."  —Anonymous



Did someone say fudge? Mother Myrick's. Just go!


retreat. relax.