Ice Cream Floats

Because Summer's Floating Away

Creamsicle Float

I have a confession. Well, maybe less of a confession and more of a proclamation.

I have a sweet tooth — a serious sweet tooth. It's the kind that doesn't care if the sugar in my life is eaten or sipped. But admittedly I have an even more dangerous thing for ice cream. All kinds. Served in any fashion. So when a hot summer day comes along (or just every day from June through August) and I find myself craving both a cool beverage as well as something sweet, there are few better go-to's than an ice cream float. 

There is no ice cream soda like a good old-fashioned root beer float, and they are probably still my Number One. When I was a girl, my mom served me oversized root beer floats in my grandmother's ornate glasses from the '40s, painted elegantly with red, black, white, and gold circus scenes, and designed precisely for this purpose. (Yes, root beer float etiquette of yore required an official glass in which it was to be served.) And it just so happens they were the same glasses my mom drank root beer floats out of when she was a girl. I used to love seeing the soda blend with the ice cream and watch the creamy foam rise above the top of the glass but never come down the sides. Childhood #magic.

Creamsicle Float

When I'm unsupplied in the root beer and/or vanilla ice cream areas, I try a different combo. I keep it simple though - just ice cream and soda - but that doesn't mean you can't add more flavor and texture...the possibilities are endless! The true extent of my float flare is a sprinkling of mini chocolate morsels on top; and if I'm feeling more decadent, the morsels sit atop a little dollop of whipped cream. 

Below are my favorite five no-fuss combinations, beginning with the Creamsicle Float I shared on Instagram for National Creamsicle Day. I'd love to hear your own favorites — please share them with a comment below!

Cheers to staying cool during these dog days of summer!



Vanilla Ice Cream + Blood Orange Soda (preferably San Pellegrino Aranciatta Rossa or Villa Italia)

*featured in photos


Raspberry Sherbet + Pineapple Soda (Jupiña is the best!)


Strawberry Ice Cream + Cream Soda


Chocolate Ice Cream + Raspberry Soda*

*alternative: cream soda + raspberry syrup


Coconut Gelato (preferably Talenti) + Pineapple Soda

Creamsicle Float

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